Love Letter to My Depressed Self

Mar 4

Like thousands of New Yorkers, last week I attend the At Refinery29 29Rooms New York 2018: Expand Your Reality art exhibit. The concept of reality expansion caught my curiosity, what would be the various methods to achieve such behavior? Unfortunately, due to the wait lines for most of the installations, I was unable to interact with all the installations, However, the World Letter participatory art installation by Cocovan was inspiring. The simplicity of the art installation offered freedom of expression and interpretation to participants for this love letter can be in drawing or text, and short or long. If you are interested in Cocovan’s work, check out her website 

world letter cocovan artist

The World Letter and artist Cocovan in Paris.

As I participated in the World letter by writing a short love letter to the world, I asked myself, why not write a love letter to a depressed or sad me. What would my happy self-tell my depressed-self?  Would my depressed-self be able to read a message from my happy-self? Well, I guess I shall find out in one of my bound to happen upcoming depressed or sad times. Nevertheless, here goes, my first letter might be the last or not, who knows. 

Dear Baby Girl, 

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”  
― Maya Angelou 

If you are reading this letter that in itself is a blessing. You are blessed to be alive. It’s okay love, cry your soul out, let it all out. But, remember after the tears, you must nourish your soul with love. You are surrounded by people who truly love you, your brother and a few girlfriends who you can share your worries and concerns. Reach out to them and talk. Before you do that finish to read this letter. 

Do you remember your first semester of architecture school, you were going to quit within the first 2 month? Instead, you talked yourself out of it and used your resilience to preserve and graduate 3 years later. Remember how your heart swelled with self-pride, a sense of accomplishment and joy upon receiving your Master’s degree at your graduation. Well, my dear, this is just another body of water you need to build a bridge to in order to cross to another side.  

You may be disappointed and even feel like a failure, and feel ashamed. STOP IT! You are not a failure nor could you ever be. You are made out of bamboo, no matter how low you bend you shall never break. Your resilience will once again be loyal to you and get you to pass this as it has for other tribulations. You have lived to tell those tales, you will live to tale this one. This is not weakness, this walking through your pain to come out on the other side of it strong. Don’t let the pain consume you, the darkness is no place for the child of light.  

You are beautiful. You are significant. You are worthy. You are smart. You are woman. You are brave. You are unique. You are powerful, do not give your power away to the pain or sadness. The same way you fight for those you love, take the same energy and fight for yourself. Remember suffering is not a consequence, it is about permission. Do not give yourself permission to extend this suffering. Pain is temporary, and joy is eternal.  

Now, pick back up your crown, place it on your head, and continue the journey of chasing your light and dreaming. Pursue your happiness. Pursue all the things that make you truly happy. You are more than darling, you are extraordinary. Go brew that magic potion of yours and spread it with the world.  

No one will love you more as you love this self of yours. 

Keep shining my darling! 



Your most loyal friend! 

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