Overcoming Fear of Starting Something New

Mar 11

The days and hours before the start day of many endeavors we self-sabotage by burying ourselves in the black hole of perfectionism, fear of failure and self-doubt. We talk ourselves out of our own dreams to be left with only the passage of time and no output of our dreams and desires. Ironically, the mind that allows us to dare to dream is the same mind that deters us from fulfilling those dreams. The last years, instead of starting this blog, I spent hours swimming in self-doubt, creating all types of excuses, and experiencing imposter syndrome rather than just starting.   


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So, what is different now? Well, I started having honest self-conversations regarding the reasons of my self-sabotage regarding blogging – the reasons were my fear of failure, my self-confidence, and my need to control outcomes. Thus far, my professional success has been built on my focus on gaining subject-matter knowledge, strategizing and planning my next moves – always looking ahead and not settling for less than my worth. In that avenue, I have mitigated the risk of failure by leveraging my academic education and professional certifications – and now experience is an add-on. Where there is knowledge, there is self-confidence. However, the success of blogging is a mix of people’s appreciation of your work, displaying yourself and behind the scene effort. The lack of self-confidence stems from the showcasing and being center stage of my own play. A stage where both physical appearance and intelligence are essential to success.    



“Most people master the art of postponing the start.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana 



After many affirmations and pro/con lists, I decided to stop postponing the start; and identified blogging as an opportunity to gain self-confidence, to release control and to face the possibility of failures. Therefore, what if I fail, but what if I succeed, how great would that be! Moreover, even if I failed, better to have a story to share than none. As a result, emerged the creation of this blog with the objective to inspire women to discover their confidence, boldness, and courage to become a kick-ass empowered woman, by sharing experiences, affirmations, and visuals with a little sense of humor.    

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